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Bangaz Wood Fired Food - Fun, Food and Everything Fantastic!

Enjoy The Moment While We Cook Your Favourite Comfort Meal!

Bangaz started out with a passion for wood fired flavoured food and to bring comfort food closer to you. Got party plans? Invite us and we will cook your favourite meal right in front of you!

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available from 10:00 – 19:00


Wood Fired Food, Served Fresh And Piping Hot!

Got party plans? Make Us Your Caterer!

Select from a wide range of available comfort food items that are made to suit your taste buds. We cook everything with love, flavours and obviously in a wood fired oven for enhanced flavours and a nice smoky taste to it!

Include us in your party plans and let the magic of wood fired oven and food take all over!

Making Food Delicious, Always!

Get the ultimate Wood Fired Food experience the Bangaz way

Here's how Bangaz does it LIVE!

Why Bangaz For Your Party Plans?

Bangaz Wood Fired Food Its Mobile – Great Quality, Taste and Fun!

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Great Food


Wood Fired

Authentic Taste

Satisfying food